When you have solar panels installed on your roof you want to know the quality of the solar install is up to par.  We are now offering 25 year warranties on the solar installation workmanship on home solar installs in New Jersey & New York.   As a solar company that’s been in business for over 12 years we pride ourselves on the quality and service we offer.

You might think our superior service and warranty comes at a premium price but it is not so.  We install solar panels with the idea of giving the most value to the our customers.  We are very competitive when it comes to giving solar quotes for your home or business.  With the extra peace of mind that our solar warranty gives, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Contact us today to see what PowerLutions Solar can do for you.  888-786-4363 or Text/WhatsApp us at 609-831-2125 or https://wa.me/16098312125