Federal Solar Incentives

FEDERAL SOLAR INCENTIVES The Federal Government offers an income tax credit for homeowners that put on solar panels on their property. They are able to take 30% of the solar system cost off of the federal income taxes they would need to pay for the year. Please contact us if you have any questions [...]

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New Jersey Solar Incentives

NEW JERSEY SOLAR INCENTIVES New Jersey State offers Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, also known as SRECs. For every 1,000 kW Hours that are produced by a solar PV system as SREC is issued. These SRECs are sold to energy producers through brokers and can fluctuate in price. These SRECs can offer significant additional [...]

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New York Solar Incentives

NEW YORK SOLAR INCENTIVES New York State Solar Rebate New York State offers a Solar Rebate. The amount of the rebate fluctuates and it’s based on the size of the system. Contact us to today and we can walk you through the whole process. NYS Income Tax Credit For homeowners that have [...]

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