By Solar Expert

January 4, 2019

Release Your Inner Pavarotti with PowerLutions Solar

Studies have shown that singing can boost your immune system.  It also burns calories, improves your posture, lowers stress levels, helps you sleep and more!  Sometimes you just need motivation to sing. That’s where PowerLutions Solar comes in. While we are not, technically, medical doctors, singing coaches or physical therapists we bring to […]

Solar panels on a house

By Solar Expert

August 9, 2018

Solar Roundtable with PowerLutions Solar

One of the fastest growing industries in New Jersey and New York is solar. Â WIth very generous government incentives coupled with sizable private investment; solar is a very viable energy solution. Â Below is a point by point introduction and education on why solar might be a good option for you and why PowerLutions […]

Solar panels on roof

By Solar Expert

March 22, 2018

Dissecting the Anatomy of a Residential Solar Energy System

When purchasing a product it’s always good to know what you’re getting.  Solar energy systems are no different. The solar panels are the most visible but the other components are also important.  Although there are other types of technologies and components that may be used, these are the most commonly used for grid-connected […]

By Solar Expert

February 26, 2018

Cost of Solar Panels for a Home in New Jersey

https://powerlutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Solar-Panel-System-New-Jersey-ed-e1567179964199.jpg When you are looking into the cost of having solar panels installed on your home in New Jersey there are multiple questions to answer first. On average the actual cost can range anywhere from $13,000 all the way up to $60,000 or more. The cost is more relevant when you are purchasing it, even […]

By Solar Expert

February 21, 2018

Some Of Our Solar Financial Partners: Sunpower, Sunnova, Sungage and More

We'd like to thank our solar financing partners, including Sunpower, Sunnova, Sungage Financial and more. PowerLutions Solar offers different methods to allow our customers to have solar installed on their roofs. We offer solar leasing, solar PPA and solar financing for purchases. With no money down we can have wealth-building solar panels expertly installed so […]

By Solar Expert

February 20, 2018

Solar Discussion on Solar Production

Click here to watch part of the PowerLutions Solar team talks about solar production. They discuss shading, seasonal changes, azimuth, tilt and more. A quick overview on what solar can do for you.

Solar panels on home

By Solar Expert

February 13, 2018

Great Start to 2018 with Strong Financing, Lease and PPA Projects Signed

Following up on our 2017 explosive solar growth, we started off 2018 very strong with our dedicated solar consultants assisting many customers through the solar choices PowerLutions offers in order to "Go Solar."Â With a wide range of solar financing, leasing and PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) options, coupled with very competitive pricing, we've been able […]

Solar panels on homes

By Solar Expert

January 28, 2018

The Trump 30% Solar Tariff and How it Affects Solar Pricing in New Jersey and New York

The solar industry is abuzz with President Trump's tariff on certain solar cell technologies. While we don't know how everything will pan out going forward but we know that in New York and New Jersey, where PowerLutions Solar operates, our pricing to our customers remain the same. In the short term, at least, we have […]

Solar panels on back of house

By Solar Expert

January 1, 2018

2018 is a Great Year for Residential Solar

Yay! For the first time in HISTORY, 2018 is upon us! This is truly an historic event for the ages. We can't wait to share in your solar hopes and dreams this year. Don't be shy, call us at 888-SUN-4-ENERGY (888-786-4363) or Text us your address to 609-831-2125 for a FREE Solar Quote!

By Solar Expert

December 31, 2017

Goodbye 2017! It was GREAT but it's Time to Move On!

2017 was really an incredible year for PowerLutions Solar Company. Thanks to our customers, we've had the opportunity to assist several hundreds of families reduce their electricity bill by going solar. We look forward to even more growth going into 2018. Here's to Solar 2018, here we come!

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