Finding out about solar and then looking into it to see whether installing solar panels on your home is a process.  Let’s assume you understand the value of a solar panel installation.  You know that it may be able to save you money by having solar panels produce your own electricity and, possibly, take advantage of the government incentives.

“So, what will it cost me to install solar panels on my house?”

Now you’re up to the next step, shopping around and finding the best price and value and best company to purchase and install the panels on your property.  The average price, as of the end of 2019, to install solar panels on a roof in New Jersey is around $3/watt.  That price would indicate, based on a system size of 5kW (or 5,000 watts), that $15,000 would be the average cost of installing solar panel system in New Jersey.  PowerLutions Solar prides itself on much lower customer acquisition costs so we can pass those savings onto our customers.  PowerLutions Solar’s direct average price for New Jersey ranges from $2.30-$2.70/watt.  We also offer 100% financing.  So, if you want to know how much do solar panels cost installed on your home in New Jersey, contact us now and find out!

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