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Sunny Miami is, well, SUNNY!  Besides basking in the glow of the Sun there is another important use of all that sunlight, solar energy.

PowerLutions Solar has been around since 2008. let us bring that solar expertise to help YOU go solar!

  • Take advantage of all of the solar power government incentives, including:
    • Solar Panel Federal Income Tax Credits (Residential and Commercial).
    • Accelerated Depreciation for Solar installations (Commercial).
  • Convert the Sun’s rays into electricity to power your home or business with high powered solar panels coupled with state of the art solar inverters.
  • PowerLutions Solar is able to offer 100% financing so you don’t have to pay any money of pocket to have it installed.  From 5 to 25 year loans available!
  • Interest rates as low as 1.99%

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We are more than happy to Zoom or video call with you to get you going solar!