Want a price to install a solar panel energy system on your home?

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Solar System Design

We analyze your home electricity usage & the amount of solar panels we can install on your house and come up with the proper size for the solar system.   The more solar panels installed means a higher price for the solar system, but that also means more power is being produced for your home.

Solar Price Proposal

Based on your energy needs & home layout, we will present you the best solar panel system for your home at the best price in the New Jersey solar market.  In the proposal you will see the price to install the solar panels on your house and the estimated amount of solar electricity that will be produced by the system.

Solar System Install

After the contract for the solar installation is signed and all the paperwork is filed and approved, PowerLutions Solar will install the best possible solar panel system.  We take care of everything from all the paperwork, panel installation, testing, inspections & warranty!  Get the best possible price for solar on your house!