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Get protection for your solar panels.

Keep your new clean energy investment safe from weather damage, environmental changes, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and other critters with state-of-the-art panel guards.

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Why it pays to stay on-guard.

Installing solar panels on your roof has many benefits.
It’s good for the environment, it saves you a lot of money, and there are many State and Federal incentives that reward you for having a solar energy system on your home. But such an important investment also needs to be protected.

Unfortunately, squirrels and other critters also enjoy it when you go solar. If not properly protected, certain homes are more exposed to critter issues. Homes next to overhanging trees or nearby structures are especially vulnerable. The critters and birds like to create nests under the solar panels and, worst of all, they gnaw at the electrical wires and other sensitive components.

Another thing to look out for is after a snowfall. In addition to interfering with your energy production as it accumulates, another issue occurs when the snow starts melting. In this case, it can slide off of the solar panels in chunks—posing danger for passersby. If you experience snow falling off of your solar panel system in large amounts, or you think you might, then snow guards can be an effective tool to minimize this issue.

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