Are you wondering whether you should have solar panels installed on your home or business while the World is still dealing with the Coronavirus epidemic?  Are you nervous about your financial situation and you don’t need another thing to worry about?  Is now really the right time to have a solar energy system installation?

NJ home with solar panels on roof.

NJ home with solar panels on roof.

These are all good questions and they are understandable in this time of uncertainty.  It’s good to go back to the basics on the value of having solar pv as part of your energy plan.  In addition, we’ll discuss if solar power can help you from a financial perspective.

Solar panels create electricity from the Sun.  The solar panels redirect the sunlight and it is converted into electricity, then the solar inverters invert the electricity from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC).  This allows the electricity created by the solar PV system to be used by the house or business.

This energy from the Sun is sustainable, since the solar panel system is not using additional resources as it produces energy.  The costs associated with solar energy are mostly related to the component and installation costs.

So you can ask, how can solar panels help me and should I install a solar panel system now?  There are many financial incentives from the government to make going solar worthwhile.  Many state governments and the Federal Government both offer valuable incentives to make the installation of solar panels more affordable.  This includes the States of New Jersey and New York.

During the current Coronavirus epidemic many people have lost their jobs, have seen their expenses skyrocket or a combination of both.  A solar power system can stabilize your energy expenses and, possibly, enable you to save and/or make additional money over the short and long term.

PowerLutions Solar offers several financial methods in order for you to have solar panels installed on your roof, or field, without having to put any money out of pocket.  We have traditional solar financing, which would cover 100% of the installation cost.  We also have lease and PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) options which allow you to enjoy stabilized and/or lower energy prices for a long time to come.

The World has been moving towards solar energy before Covid-19 came to visit and it will continue to move towards a more sustainable future for years to come.  Solar panels can enable a certain amount of peace of mind for homeowners and business owners alike.  Contact PowerLutions Solar to see what solar can do for you.