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Snow Guard, Critter Guard, Squirrel Guard for Solar Panel Systems

Pictured: PowerLutions Solar Squirrel Guard for Solar Panels in New Jersey Installing solar panels on your roof has many benefits.  It's good for the environment, it saves you a lot of money [...]

Saving Money in Style with PowerLutions Solar

Wearing third-hand bell bottoms from the ‘70’s, reusing soda cans and giving your kid a paper plane for a birthday present are good ways to save money, but they aren’t a good “look”.  You [...]

Federal Solar Incentives

FEDERAL SOLAR INCENTIVES The Federal Government offers an income tax credit for homeowners that put on solar panels on their property. They are able to take 30% of the solar system cost off of [...]

June 7th, 2018|Categories: SOLAR INCENTIVES|
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