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We are one of the leading solar companies focusing in New Jersey and New York.  We are NABCEP certified, A+ Rated from the Better Business Bureau and are in our 10th year in business.  We are licensed electrical contractors and are Home Improvements Contractors in New Jersey, NYC and downstate NYS.   We offer professional and honest services to assist you in saving on your energy bills.

A well-designed solar energy system allows you to produce your own electricity, save a lot of money and help the environment by using renewable energy.

The cost of the solar panels, engineering, project management, design, labor & service work add up.  With the government incentives available it brings down the cost.  Additionally, PowerLutions offers great financing, PPA and Solar Lease products that allow you to go solar with no money down!

The Federal Government allows homeowners and businesses to take 30% of the solar energy system cost as a tax credit against their federal income taxes.  So, if a system cost $20,000 you would get a $6,000 tax credit.  Even if you finance the system you are still able to receive this tax credit.  This also works even if you have your taxes withheld from your paycheck.

There are different reasons why someone might not go solar.   If there is too much shade on a house this can prevent solar panels from generating enough electricity to make it worthwhile.  If this is caused by trees, a possible solution would be to trim or cut the trees causing the shading.  If a homeowner is planning on doing construction on the home and it will change the layout of the roof can also be a reason to delay the solar project.  Another possible impediment to going solar is if the homeowner has bad credit and is not eligible for the available PowerLutions Solar financing or lease programs that allow for $0 money down solar and save money Month One!