Solar panel awareness has been growing year over year across the globe.  Certain locales are more attractive for solar energy than others.  This article is here to give you the top 10 reasons to have solar panels installed on the roof of your home.  Although we discuss the overall reasons to go solar, we do have more of a focus on the solar system market in the United States and, sometimes, specifically for New York and New Jersey.  They fall under the following bullet points:

  • Solar panels produce energy.
  • Government incentives make solar affordable.
  • Solar energy is good for the planet.

Solar Panels Produce Energy

Solar Panels on your roof can produce electricity for your home.  The solar system absorbs the rays of the Sun and converts it to electricity to be used by your home.  These panels allow the roof of your home to be more than just a functional cover, but to actually add to your comfort and add value.

As the solar power is pumped into your home you can reduce, or even stop, using the electricity from the utility company.  Solar panels allow a homeowner to be self-reliant and an energy producer.

Solar panels on your roof can potentially save you money

When you install solar panels on your roof you may be setting yourself up to save money in the near and long term.  For every killowatt of electricity you produce and use you are not pulling the energy from the utility grid, since solar panels convert the Sun’s rays into electricity.

The direct value of the electricity the solar panel system is producing is dependent on the cost of electricity in your area.  Generally, electricity is sold by killowatt hours, or kWh.  The kWh number on your electric bill is the amount of watts used in one hour.  The higher the rate charged by the electric company, the more value solar power has for you.  It can range anywhere from below $0.10/kWh to above $0.50/kWh.

Solar panels can sometimes act as a backup solution

A solar panel energy system coupled with a battery storage solution can sometimes be a good choice when the electricity goes out.  A certain amount of the energy of the solar panel system can be used to load the battery and the rest can be used to power the home.  

Federal Tax Incentives for Solar Energy

The Federal Government gives a solar tax credit when you install solar panels on the roof of your home, or elsewhere.  As of 2020, the solar tax credit is the amount equivalent to 26% of the cost of the system.  This significant solar incentive is being offered to make solar panel installations more affordable.

Solar Panel Rebates

Certain states, such as New York State, give rebates when you have solar panels installed on your house.  The solar rebate amounts can vary tremendously and they change from time to time.  There is a need to balance the push to go solar and to balance the budget.

State Tax Credits to install Solar panels

Many states, such as NYS, offer generous State Income Tax Credits when you have solar panels installed on your roof, or property.  There are often limits placed on the amount that you can use as a tax credit but they bring down the overall cost to go solar.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

One popular state solar incentive are Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs.  Some states, like New Jersey, call them Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, or SRECs.  There are different ways how they operate but the basic idea is that for every certain amount of electricity produced by the solar panels you receive one SREC.  Depending on the state, you can then sell the certificates to create additional value from your solar system.

SRECs can fluctuate in value and there are many ways how they trade hands and benefit solar energy producers.  RECs are actually used world-wide but there are often restrictions on how they can be monetized.

Solar panels produce clean renewable energy

If you are using electricity in your home, that is being generated from the solar panels on your roof, you are using energy that is not using any resources on the planet.  The solar equipment installed did use resources, when they were manufactured, but the ongoing conversion of the Sun’s rays into electricity are not using any additional resources.  Rather than using fossil fuels, you are using clean, reliable and renewable energy.

Solar panels look cool on your roof

OK, that might be reliant on the eyes of the beholder but residential solar panels have come a long way from the original looks.  You can now have solar panels installed that are sleek and fully black that give a very modern look to any house.

Are these reasons good enough to install solar panels on your roof?

I don’t know, that’s for you to decide but, if you live in New Jersey or New York, drop us a line and we can walk you through your solar possibilities.  You can call us 888-786-4363, email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp/Text us at 609-831-2125.