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Explore Solar Incentives

We can help your business go solar with these solar programs:

Federal Solar Incentives

When a commercial or residential solar PV system is built in Jackson New Jersey, the owner is able to file for a federal income tax credit. The tax credit for both states is currently 30%

Commercial solar systems may also take advantage of Accelerated Depreciations (MACRS), which allows a commercial solar project owner to depreciate almost the full value of the cost basis year one.

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Jackson Solar Incentives

Eligibility will vary depending on your precise location.

SuSi program

Solar system owners in Jackson can take advantage of the New Jersey State performance based solar incentive system, called Successor Solar Incentives (SuSI). A solar system earns one credit for every 1,000 kilowatts hours (1 Megawatt hour) that the system produces. For most residential systems these certificates are $90 and most commercial solar systems would receive $100.

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Solar Energy in Jackson, New Jersey: A Bright Investment

Solar and Jackson NJ are a Good Fit

In the quest for sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions, solar energy emerges as a beacon of hope. Jackson, New Jersey, with its favorable climate and geographical location, stands out as an ideal candidate for solar energy investment. This blog explores the myriad benefits and possibilities of adopting solar energy in Jackson, offering residents a guide to making informed decisions about this clean, renewable power source.

The Solar Potential in Jackson, New Jersey

Jackson's geographic positioning offers an abundant resource seldom fully tapped: sunlight. With an average of approximately 200 sunny days per year, Jackson is positioned advantageously for solar energy production. This climate not only supports the efficient operation of solar panels but also promises a return on investment through consistent energy production.

Benefits of Solar Energy for Jackson Residents

Cost Savings: One of the most immediate benefits of solar energy is the significant reduction in electricity bills. Solar panels can generate enough power to meet most, if not all, of a household's electricity needs, depending on the system size and energy usage.

Increased Property Values: Homes equipped with solar energy systems often see an increase in property values, making it a smart investment for homeowners.

Environmental Benefits: Solar energy production is clean, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering the carbon footprint—a critical step in combating climate change.

Incentives and Rebates: New Jersey offers various incentives, including tax rebates and credits, making solar energy an even more attractive option for Jackson residents.

Exploring Solar Energy Options in Jackson

Residents of Jackson have multiple avenues to explore solar energy:

  • Residential Solar Panels: Individual homeowners can invest in solar panels, with the potential to not only reduce utility bills but also to earn credits for excess energy produced.
  • Community Solar Projects: These allow residents to benefit from solar energy without installing panels on their own property, ideal for renters or those with unsuitable rooftops.
  • Solar Farms: Larger scale solar installations can benefit the entire community, creating jobs and contributing to the local economy.

Success Stories and Local Solar Initiatives

Jackson is home to several successful solar projects, from residential installations to larger community and commercial systems. Local initiatives by the government and community groups aim to increase awareness and adoption of solar energy, showcasing its viability and benefits.

Navigating the Process: Installation and Financing

For Jackson residents considering solar, the process begins with a site assessment to determine feasibility. Various financing options are available, including loans, leases, and power purchase agreements (PPAs), alongside federal and state incentives designed to lower the initial costs of solar energy systems.

Solar Companies in Jackson New Jersey are Hard at Work

Solar energy presents a lucrative and sustainable opportunity for Jackson, New Jersey. By using the power of the sun, residents can enjoy lower energy bills, contribute to environmental preservation, and partake in the growing green economy. The future is bright for Jackson, with solar energy leading the way towards a sustainable and prosperous community.

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