Enphase Gold Installer

By Solar Expert

July 17, 2024

PowerLutions Solar Achieves Gold Installer Status with Enphase

PowerLutions Solar Company Achieves Gold Installer Status with Enphase PowerLutions Solar, a leading provider of solar energy solutions, is proud to announce its achievement of Gold Installer status with Enphase, a global energy technology company. This prestigious recognition is awarded to companies with a long track record of installing Enphase products and consistently delivering outstanding […]

NJ Town with Solar

By Solar Expert

June 26, 2024

Power Your Home with Confidence: 10 Reasons to Choose a Local Solar Leader

10 Reasons Why Choosing a Trustworthy, Established Local Solar Company Matters for Homeowners Have you ever dreamt of powering your home with clean, renewable energy? The good news is, solar energy is becoming a more accessible and attractive option for homeowners across the country. But with so many solar companies vying for your attention, choosing […]

Solar panels on home

By Solar Expert

June 19, 2024

Top 10 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for Your Home

10 Reasons to Install Solar Panels on Your Home In today's world, where energy costs are on the rise and environmental consciousness is a growing concern, solar panels are becoming an increasingly attractive option for homeowners. But what exactly are the benefits of installing solar panels on your roof? This article explores the top 10 […]

Solar Panels Installed on Home in NJ

By Solar Expert

May 27, 2024

The Ins and Outs of Inverters: Powerhouse of Solar Panel Systems

Inverters: The Powerhouse of Solar Energy Imagine basking in the sun's rays, capturing its energy to power your home. But that raw solar energy isn't quite compatible with your appliances. That's where inverters come in - the silent heroes of solar energy systems. What is an Inverter? An inverter is a crucial piece of equipment […]

EV Charger Installers

By Solar Expert

May 16, 2024

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing EV Chargers at Home

Install an EV Charger at Home with Confidence The rise in electric vehicle (EV) ownership brings the convenience of home charging, but the installation process can be riddled with pitfalls for the uninitiated. Here's a guide to help you steer clear of common mistakes and ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient charging setup. 1. Choosing […]

tesla powerwall 3

By Solar Expert

March 27, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Tesla Powerwall 3

Tesla Powerwall 3: Ensuring Peace of Mind One Blackout at a Time As the world moves towards sustainable energy solutions, Tesla continues to lead the charge with its innovative products, including the highly anticipated Powerwall 3. This fully integrated solar and battery system is designed to meet the energy needs of modern homes, providing backup […]

solar installer

By Solar Expert

February 12, 2024

The #1 Solar and Battery Subcontractor Expert Choice in NJ & NY Since 2008

Over 15 Years Specializing in Solar and, now, Battery Installations With over 15 years of hands-on experience since 2008, the licensed electrical contractors at PowerLutions have firmly established themselves as the leading experts, to choose, in solar and battery storage subcontracting. Having completed thousands of quality installations across New Jersey and New York, we possess […]

Solar Power Farm

By Solar Expert

February 9, 2024

The Ripple Effect: The Impact of a Solar Power Company on the Economy

Solar Power the Economy As the world increasingly shifts towards renewable energy, the economic implications of this transition are profound, particularly with solar power companies at the forefront. These entities not only contribute to the reduction of carbon footprints but also catalyze significant economic transformations. From creating a surge in job opportunities to fostering business […]

Solar Panels on home

By Solar Expert

February 2, 2024

Solar Hack: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Solar Company

Finding the Right Solar Company in New Jersey & Beyond The adoption of solar energy is on the rise across the United States, as both homeowners and businesses seek to harness the power of the sun. This shift towards renewable energy is fueled by a combination of environmental consciousness, government incentives, and the decreasing cost […]

Solar panels on a house

By Solar Expert

January 22, 2024

Unlock Solar Excellence: 3 Crucial Tips for Flawless, Efficient Solar Panel Installation

The More Sun the Better The shift towards renewable energy sources has seen a significant rise in the adoption of solar power systems. As homeowners and businesses alike turn to solar energy, understanding the nuances of solar panel installation becomes increasingly important. Among the various factors that influence the efficiency and productivity of a solar […]

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