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Solar panels on a house

By cy

August 30, 2023

Get an Instant Solar Quote in New Jersey & New York with PowerLutions Solar.

Ever sat in a café, sipping your latte, and thought, "Hey, what if my house could generate its own power, like some kind of domestic superhero?" Well, your house can be the Tony Stark of homes, and you don't even have to wade through endless technical jargon or wait days for a quote. With PowerLutions […]

home in new jersey with solar panels

By cy

August 23, 2023

Solar Installation Costs in New Jersey: A 2023 Comprehensive Guide

Embracing the Sun: New Jersey's Solar Potential New Jersey isn't just about beautiful beaches; it's also a leader in solar energy. Ranking eighth in the U.S. for solar production, the Garden State is a shining example of renewable energy. But what's the real deal with solar panel installation costs? PowerLutions Solar is here to demystify […]

Solar panels on homes

By cy

August 7, 2023

Seizing the Sun's Bounty and the Impact of Federal Incentives on Solar Progress

This legislative change plowed the field for substantial growth, leading to increased installations and savings for homeowners, effectively making solar on residential properties locked in at 70% of the cost.

Solar Vision Infographic

By cy

July 23, 2023

Solar Vision 2050: 10 Ways Solar Energy Will Change Our Future

Solar power is poised to take the main stage in the coming decades, fundamentally changing how we produce and use energy in ways both big and small. By 2050, the endless potential of the sun will have reshaped energy systems around the world. These shifts go beyond sustainability - they’re about creating a more independent […]

home with solar panels in new jersey

By Solar Expert

July 13, 2023

The Nitty-Gritty of Solar Panels: A Technical Dive with PowerLutions Solar, a Leading Solar Installation Company

Unraveling the secrets of the cosmos has been humanity's pursuit for ages, but seldom do we look closer at the cosmic phenomena harnessed here on earth, like solar energy. PowerLutions Solar, a pioneering solar installation company, invites you to comprehend the technical intricacies of solar panels, the primary devices that make this harnessing possible. Highlighted […]

Global Solar Power Share of Electricity Infograph

By cy

July 9, 2023

Sun Chasers: The Global Race in Adopting Solar Energy

Sun Chasers: The Global Race in Adopting Solar Energy As we progress further into the 21st century, an energy revolution is well underway across the globe. Traditional energy sources are being phased out in favor of cleaner, renewable alternatives, and leading this charge is solar power—the process of converting light from the sun into usable […]

Solar panels on New Jersey Roof

By Solar Expert

July 5, 2023

Powering Forward: Renewing Corporate Commitments and the Guiding Light of Solar Installers

As stewards of a sustainable future, we at PowerLutions Solar are paving the way toward a roaring revolution in renewable energy. Among us, championing this cause, are the skilled solar installers. They're the wizards behind the curtains, capturing the sun's unlimited power, funneling it into neat, usable energy streams. Our company ethos aligns seamlessly with […]

US Flag

By Solar Expert

July 4, 2023

A Solar Company’s Declaration of Energy Independence: PowerLutions Solar Pledges a Brighter Tomorrow

As the rockets' red glare lights up the night sky this 4th of July, and we commemorate the audacious leap our forefathers took for freedom, let's take a moment to appreciate how the banner of independence still unfurls across our nation. From the buzzing canyons of New York skyscrapers to the sun-kissed California valleys, America […]

solar panels on roof

By Solar Expert

June 29, 2023

Illuminating Pathways: Solar Influencers Advancing a Radiant Revolution with the Aid of Installers

A new dawn is upon us, signaling a shift towards renewable energies in our daily lives. Here, the spotlight shines brightly on the solar installers, the unsung heroes of this emerging solar narrative. With their expertise, they translate the sun's raw power into electricity, providing a sustainable solution for our energy needs. Fueled by solar […]

By Solar Expert

June 5, 2023

Average Cost to have a solar panel system installation in NJ

Why settle for the AVERAGE cost of solar?  Want a a below average cost to install a solar panel system? Let us help you Go Solar!  Just click below. CLICK TO FIND OUT WHAT A SOLAR INSTALLATION COSTS! Best Solar Panel Systems Best Solar System Cost Best Solar Period! Solar Panel System Design We analyze […]

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