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December 15, 2023

Cool Places an NJ Solar Company can Install Solar On

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New Jersey Solar Company Wish-List

New Jersey may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of solar power. However, the Garden State has quietly become a leader in solar energy in recent years. New Jersey now ranks fifth nationally in total installed solar capacity after states like California and Arizona that are renowned for abundant sunshine. This may surprise some residents and visitors who only associate the state with crowded highways, beaches, and historical sites.

The success of solar power in New Jersey is due to a combination of supportive state policies, declining solar technology costs, and an influx of innovative solar companies seeing opportunities here. Even as land in New Jersey becomes increasingly scarce and expensive, solar installers are finding creative ways to integrate solar onto all kinds of infrastructure throughout the state.

In this lighthearted article, we showcase some of the more unexpected and whimsical sites where an enterprising New Jersey solar installation company could choose to place solar panels. Beyond warehouses, landfills, and industrial buildings, we imagine solar being embraced at landmarks, parks, universities, and attractions all across New Jersey. While not all these locations may adopt solar today, they represent the forward-thinking possibilities of what solar integration could look like in the future.

Bringing Solar Power to the Roller Coasters and Safari of Six Flags Great Adventure

As one of New Jersey’s most popular attractions visited by over 3 million people annually, Six Flags Great Adventure theme park has immense energy demands. The thrill rides, roller coasters, safari area, restaurants, and amenities require massive amounts of electricity to operate every day. By embracing solar power, this iconic amusement park could offset their energy usage in an eco-friendly manner while also showcasing renewable energy to guests.

Capturing the Power of the Sun on Epic Roller Coasters

Many theme park goers don’t realize the incredible amount of energy needed to power massive roller coasters as they ascend and descend the tracks. Solar panels could be installed along the roofs of the queue and loading areas of rides like Kingda Ka, Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom, and Nitro. The open space along the coaster tracks and around the rides also presents opportunities for solar arrays to harvest the ample sunlight Six Flags receives.

Safaris and Zoo Exhibits Running on Solar

In addition to thrill rides, Six Flags Great Adventure has an impressive safari area and animal exhibits. Solar panels on safari guide truck roofs or above caging and shelters would demonstrate the versatility of solar. The park could even have solar-powered electric safari trucks take guests on tours to see lions, tigers, bears and more while avoiding diesel fumes.

Solar Charging Stations for Guests’ Phones and Devices

Another way Six Flags could incorporate solar is by providing charging stations for guests’ electronic devices like phones and tablets. Solar powered charging docks give park visitors free electricity access in shady spots to recharge devices that often drain battery searching for signals between rides. They show that solar has everyday, practical uses beyond running major park functions.

Bringing Solar Energy to New Jersey's Prestigious Princeton University

As a world-renowned university at the forefront of research and technology, Princeton would significantly benefit from embracing solar power across its historic campus. With Gothic revival architecture and a commitment to reducing its environmental impact, Princeton is an ideal spot for creative solar installations that generate clean electricity.

Outfitting Iconic Academic Buildings with Solar Panels

Princeton's campus features buildings rich with educational history, including Nassau Hall, Alexander Hall and East Pyne. Solar panels could be installed on various rooftops, complementing the architectural aesthetics through careful placement and design. Making these pivotal campus buildings solar-powered would showcase Princeton's commitment to utilizing the latest advances in renewable energy while honoring its storied traditions.

Bringing Solar onto Dorms and Housing for Students

As home to over 8,000 students, Princeton has extensive on-campus housing options including dorms, suites, apartments and more. Solar panels on top of residential buildings would provide clean energy to students living below while serving as a visible symbol of sustainability. Students would also have the opportunity to see solar infrastructure up close and potentially study the real-world functionality.

Powering Athletic Facilities and Stadiums with Solar Energy

From Yankee Stadium to the Philadelphia Eagles stadium, professional sports venues are starting to adopt solar power. Princeton could follow suit by installing solar panels at its soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and track facilities. Panels mounted on stadium seating/bleachers or atop press boxes would enable Princeton's facilities to contribute renewable power to the grid.

Bringing Solar Power to New Jersey's Grounds for Sculpture

As one of New Jersey’s premier outdoor museums showcasing contemporary sculptures, Grounds for Sculpture could integrate solar energy to power its exhibits and demonstrations. With a beautiful 42-acre space and reputation for innovation, Grounds for Sculpture is a fitting location to harness the sun’s rays.

Solar Panels on Main Buildings and Exhibit Halls

Grounds for Sculpture features two large indoor gallery spaces in its main building, the Museum Building and the Domestic Arts Building. Adding solar panels to the roofs would generate ample clean electricity to illuminate the artwork within while reducing utility costs. Smaller support buildings around the grounds would also benefit from solar roof retrofits.

Powering Outdoor Sculpture Lighting Through Solar

In addition to indoor exhibits, Grounds for Sculpture contains fascinating sculptures scattered around its landscape. Solar-powered lighting integrated seamlessly into the ground or sculpture bases could elegantly illuminate the artwork at night without electrical cords or external fixtures. Visitors would enjoy the dazzling displays while treading lightly on the environment.

Solar in Gardens and Landscaped Areas

Other than artwork, the Grounds for Sculpture feature exquisite landscaping including vibrant floral gardens, serene ponds, and lush meadows. Strategically placing small solar panels in these natural spaces would power subtle lighting and irrigation systems. Showcasing solar’s adaptability and keeping installations low-profile highlights renewable energy’s versatility.

Bringing Solar Power to the Iconic Beach Town of Cape May

With its charming Victorian architecture and iconic seaside resorts, Cape May is one of New Jersey’s most beloved beach towns. As a popular retirement and vacation destination that draws over 3 million annual visitors, Cape May is also energy-intensive. Implementing solar power throughout Cape May would reduce its environmental impact while preserving its romantic, historical vibe.

Solar Panels on Cape May’s Famous Gingerbread Homes

Cape May features over 600 delightful “gingerbread” Victorian houses, with ornate trim and vibrant paint colors. The sloped roofs of these heritage homes make them fitting candidates for unobtrusive solar panels. Even a modest residential setup would provide clean electricity and savings for owners.

Local Shops and Restaurants Running on Solar

Cape May’s downtown is filled with bustling shops, cafes, inns and restaurants. These businesses could adopt solar:

  • Rooftop solar panels to power lighting, kitchen appliances etc.
  • Solar awnings that provide shade for outdoor dining while producing supplemental energy
  • Freestanding solar umbrellas and pergolas in gardens / patios
  • Off-grid solar + battery systems for establishments far from electrical grids

Beachside Attractions Embracing Solar Power

Cape May’s popular beaches and landmark attractions like the 1859 Cape May Lighthouse could also incorporate solar:

  • Lifeguard stands and changing areas with solar-powered lighting and chargers
  • Solar parking meters to slowly charge EVs and hybrids as beachgoers enjoy the sun
  • The Lightkeeper’s House museum next to the Lighthouse topped with photovoltaic panels

Bringing Solar Power to Atlantic City's Famous Seaside Boardwalk

As a top New Jersey destination known for its lively entertainment and casino scene, Atlantic City’s iconic boardwalk could adopt solar power to reduce its energy demands. With casinos, shops, restaurants and amusement piers lining the coastline, there are many opportunities to embrace the sun’s rays.

Outfitting Atlantic City’s Extravagant Casinos with Solar

Atlantic City casinos like the Borgata, Harrah’s and Hard Rock are essentially small cities, with hotels, gaming floors, dining, and events under one roof. Solar panels on large flat rooftops would significantly offset utility bills:

CasinoPotential Solar Capacity
Borgata5000 kW
Harrah’s4000 kW
Hard Rock3000 kW

Boardwalk Shops and Eateries Going Solar

Historic outlets like Steel’s Fudge, James Candy, and Nathan’s Famous hot dogs could install solar awnings covering outdoor queues and dining patios. Rooftop solar on eateries provides sustainable power for kitchen appliances and AC demands:

Shop/RestaurantPotential Solar Capacity
Steel's Fudge50 kW
James Candy80 kW
Nathan's Famous120 kW

Outfitting Boardwalk Hall with Solar Panels

The grand Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall arena and convention center could deploy vast solar arrays on its sprawling rooftop. This would power events drawing tens of thousands of attendees, showcasing clean energy on a mass scale.

Bringing Solar Power to New Jersey's Scenic Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area spans over 70,000 acres across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Known for waterfalls, forests, trails and the Delaware River, this breathtaking park could integrate solar to power its facilities in an eco-friendly way.

Campgrounds and Shelters with Rooftop Solar

The Delaware Water Gap campgrounds contain over 300 sites including cabins, yurts, tent sites and trailer spots. Installing solar on the roofs would generate clean power for lighting and devices without relying solely on generators. Picnic shelters and restroom facilities would also benefit from solar retrofits.

Welcome Centers and Ranger Stations Powered by the Sun

As the main point of contact between visitors and staff, the Delaware Water Gap's welcome centers and ranger stations set the tone for people’s experiences. Topping these buildings’ roofs with solar panels would provide eco-friendly electricity for office equipment, lighting and more.

Fun Fact

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area averages over 230 sunny days a year, making it an ideal location for solar panels.

Solar Charging Stations for Park Visitors

The Delaware Water Gap could even provide solar-powered charging stations for visitors’ phones and GPS devices at information kiosks. Waterproof charging ports along riverbank docks would also allow boaters and anglers to revive gadget batteries. These conveniences demonstrate sustainable electricity benefiting everyday recreation enthusiasts.

Bringing Solar Power to Camden's Battleship New Jersey Museum

As one of America’s most decorated battleships docked along the Delaware River in Camden, the USS New Jersey draws history buffs eager to step back in time. While committed to preservation, integrating solar technology could help power key areas of the ship and facilities.

Carefully Retrofitting Solar Panels on a Historic Battleship

As a WWII naval landmark, any modifications to the Battleship New Jersey must not disrupt its aesthetic or function. However, solar panels added sensitively to less-visible elevated surfaces could offset some energy demands:

LocationSolar Potential
Rear top deck30 kW
Behind bridge tower20 kW
Radar masts15 kW

Solar to Power Onshore Welcome Areas

Since the Battleship New Jersey itself has limited space, most solar integration would likely occur on landside areas:

  • Ticketing booths/visitor welcome center roof
  • Main parking lot solar canopy providing guest shade/protection
  • Rooftop panels on the museum store and cafe

This preserves ship integrity while demonstrating solar’s versatility. Historical purity and sustainability can indeed coexist!

The Solar Possibilities Across New Jersey Are Vast

While a statewide transition to renewable energy takes time, solar power already has enormous potential even at iconic New Jersey destinations. As the examples in this article illustrate, solar PV systems could be embraced creatively and unobtrusively at many different sites. Installing solar demonstrates an organization’s forward-thinking commitment to sustainability.

  • Historic universities, museums, theme parks and seaside resorts could generate much of their own power usage through on-site solar panels.
  • Creative integration opportunities exist like solar lighting sculpture exhibits, charging stations for park visitors, and panels angled to maximize coaster energy output.
  • Solar complements New Jersey’s cherished landmarks instead of detracting from their charm, especially as technology improves aesthetically.

Of course, not every solar possibility highlighted here will prove feasible. But as solar costs keep declining and climate change concerns grow, installing PV systems at these beloved establishments ceases to be just a fanciful notion. The Garden State has both the sun and the innovative spirit needed to make solar work, even in unexpected places.

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  • "Extraordinary"

    Powerlution is a professional company!!! They guided me from beginning to end ... I cant believe that its already 18 months since installation of my solar system and they are still available with any help or questions and concerns I have... I would definitely recommend powerlution... They are.... Professional, Helpful, Prompt, Reliable, Responsible, Honest

    – Fried Z.

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